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Well, I am still currently in school. I want to learn computer programming and animation. I am a very nice person. I take some things seriously. I don't have no real job yet due to how small my town is. I live down in Ohio. I gotta say, I wish I lived in a little bit warmer place so that my allergies wouldn't kill me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am currently a Forum Moderator on the SurvivalCraft Forums. I can help out in anyway possible with only SC related things. Like if you are having game troubles I can ask another Mod or Admin for help on the problem for when even I can't answer your question. I try to stay active(a lot). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use Gimp and the UDK Unreal Engine for both graphics and game mapping. I'm gonna attempt soon to create some SC Skins on the Gimp. I think they have a really cool setup for the UDK Editor. You get to build each and every map block by block. Yeah, its a pain in the flank but, its the only thing I got to work with for now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a Brony. I love each and every episode of My Little Pony. I have watched every episode and every season there is. Season 5 will be coming out soon. I can give spoilers and all to MLP at any point and time (just ask). I love to dig into the fandom. I have read some really cool Fics and Comics about MLP. I have many collectibles in my room and I wear the fandom too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know about many games like Rust, Diablo (just a little), DayZ, MineCraft, SurvivalCraft, Dark Souls, and many more. There are just so many games out there, its hard to name them all. The game I have seen and I have come to love most is Outlast. I also like the DLC they have come out for the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I like to watch many different kinds of movies. You name the movie, I pretty much have watched it. Songs? I listen to Dubstep, Linkin Park, Korn, Gorillaz, Digital Daggers, Eminem, and many more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do I write stories? Yes, I most certainly do. I am working on a story as we speak. Its more of a scary story. Its pretty long so far. I gotta redo some parts to it. I want more action to the story than opposed to (on how it is now) a very long drag on story. Boooooooring..... Who wants a story like that? Maybe old people (just saying, they tend to like things like that). I'm trying to improve it. You can always send me suggestions too if you would like? ----------------- (Contact Info) ----------------- Twitter: Gangsta Pichu Tumblr: Gangsta Pichu Email: (Not set up for something like this yet) ------------------------- Page Not Finished -------------------------
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